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For over a decade, MacDev Financial has been providing Canadians with a safer and predictable way to generate wealth through it’s partnership with SET Financial Solutions Inc., the provider of the Bank On Yourself® concept and the Bank On Yourself® Professional Training program in Canada!

Bank On Yourself® (BOY) was developed by Pamela Yellen in 2002 as a concept
“focused on helping people achieve their financial goals and objectives using a little-known variation of a whole life insurance policy” known as participating or dividend-paying whole life insurance. She outlines the Bank On Yourself® concept and its numerous benefits 
in her New York Times best-selling books, Bank On Yourself® and The Bank On Yourself Revolution.

Take Financial Control Back from Big Banks 

Bank On Yourself® will change the way you think about traditional banking by teaching you how to take financial control back from big banks and learn to self-finance everything yourself.

What is Bank On Yourself®

Bank On Yourself® is a wealth-creation strategy with a 200-year track record of positive, competitive growth that relies on specially designed high-cash value, low-commission, dividend-paying whole life insurance as a safe and secure savings vehicle to help you build sustainable, long-term ‘liquid equity’ through contractually guaranteed growth and potential dividends--that have historically paid out for over 100 years!

Think of it as an asset you own and control that offers you a safety net and steady growth that investments in the stock market just don’t! Unlike traditional investments that are susceptible to market volatility and fluctuations, dividend-paying whole life insurance provides families and individuals with a safe and predictable way to create wealth while eliminating unnecessary risk.

 People are losing money in the stock market, so why do what they are doing?
While other people have lost money in the stock market and traditional investments as markets have careened out of control, everyone who has used the Bank On Yourself® strategy has grown and kept their money safe. Their Bank On Yourself® concept policies are providing them with a financial bunker for scary times.

Bank On Yourself® Works for YOU!

The Bank On Yourself® concept is simple mathematics! The Bank On Yourself strategy harnesses the compounding power of a participating or dividend-paying whole life insurance policy which is unique from other life insurance products because it features a cash value that functions as an alternative asset you or your business owns and controls.

Think of a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy as the savings vehicle and the Bank On Yourself® concept as the turbo-fuel injector that supercharges the strategies needed to grow the cash value in a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy over time. Since the Bank On Yourself® concept is unique and intricate, the policy must be structured only by a licensed life insurance agent with Bank On Yourself specific training and credential called a Bank On Yourself Professional.

We have the knowledge and expertise you want! As the Premier company in Canada on Bank On Yourself®, our licensed life insurance agents have completed the rigorous training to become Bank On Yourself® Professionals. They know how to structure these policies to supercharge growth in the cash value to build long-term, liquid equity.

The beauty of a Bank On Yourself® concept-type policy is you can access this equity for whatever you need—to finance business expenses, pay for your child’s post-secondary education, purchase a new car, or use it as a back-up liquid cash reserve, emergency fund or future retirement savings.

if you’re not using Bank On Yourself, You’re Missing out!
Here’s why!

Tax-sheltered savings vehicle with predictable growth

The growth of the cash value in a Bank On Yourself® concept-type whole life insurance policy provides a tax-shelter savings vehicle and grows predictably and at a much higher rate than what banks can offer you.

Easy access to liquid equity within days 

Accessing the liquid equity in your policy is also much more flexible than trying to secure financing through a bank. There are no credit checks or hurdles to jump through since you’re borrowing from your policy—it’s your money.

Uninterrupted growth of your money

And when you borrow from your policy, the principal is locked in: your gains are protected, and the cash value in your policy also continues to grow uninterrupted, as if you never borrowed from it all.

Borrow up to 90 percent of the cash value 

Borrowing from your policy is like borrowing money from a bank using the equity in your home as collateral. Your home’s value is retained and will continue to increase even if you’ve borrowed up to 80% against its equity. Dividend-paying whole life insurance works in the same kind of way, except you can get up to 90% value back as an equity loan if you need it.

Recapture interest otherwise paid out to banks 

When you borrow from your dividend-paying whole life insurance policy, you’re also able to recapture the interest you would have otherwise paid out to big banks and other financial lending institutions if you’d borrowed from them. You can also pay back the money you borrow from your policy on your terms.

When it comes to protecting your legacy and generating wealth safely to secure your financial future, Bank On Yourself® is a win-win strategy that will provide you with benefits you’ll never get if you stick only with traditional investments.


A Bank On Yourself® concept type policy provides you with lifetime protection through a death benefit paid to a beneficiary of your choice upon your passing. This death benefit is tax-free under current tax law and protects your finances by safeguarding your estate from probate. Funds can help cover final expenses, repay outstanding debts, as a charitable donation or as a guaranteed future income for your loved ones.


A Bank On Yourself concept-type policy provides you with a way to grow guaranteed tax-free retirement income through a pre-set annual cash value increase and potential dividends. Unlike a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) taxed when you retire, you don’t pay tax on withdrawals from a Bank On Yourself concept-type policy when you retire.


Your money isn’t in the market but a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy. The growth and safety of a Bank On Yourself concept-type policy is guaranteed by some of the oldest and most financially solvent life insurance companies existing today–mutual life insurance companies.


Need funds right away for a rainy day? A Bank On Yourself® concept-type policy is your built-in emergency fund you can access with no hurdles to jump over. You can borrow 85% to 90% of your policy’s cash value.


There is no volatility or ups and downs when you use the Bank On Yourself® strategy—you’ll know exactly the guaranteed minimum value of your nest-egg at any point in the future – even before you decide to purchase a Bank On Yourself® concept-type policy.


Business owners and professionals use Bank On Yourself concept-type policies to self-finance business vehicles, equipment, office buildings and more. When you finance business expenses this way, you can get tax deductions for interest and depreciation. Plus, it lets business owners recapture the interest paid to banks and other financial institutions.


Because the money in your policy grows at a compound rate, it has an exponential growth curve. It is guaranteed to grow by a larger dollar amount each year. And remember, you’ll never have a down year.


Your Bank On Yourself concept-type policy stays intact when you borrow against it. If you should pass away with a loan outstanding, the loan balance is deducted from your beneficiaries’ death benefit. And your policy values can continue to grow as if you hadn’t touched a dime of it – even with an outstanding loan. That’s the power of the Bank On Yourself® strategy.

What our clients say


"Applying Bank On Yourself® to a whole life policy provides a safe, predictable and flexible financial strategy for any entrepreneur. You gain more financial autonomy, recoup more of your own money, and pay out less tax."



"I was introduced to the Bank on Yourself® policy about 4 years ago. Since I started the policy, I've had peace of mind ever since! Especially in today's world, I believe it's such a safe place to store my money with a guaranteed return."



"We now have much more money available to us for education and retirement that we won’t need to pay taxes and fees on, since it’s already our money! We have become our own bankers and set our own terms."



"Since becoming a member of the Bank on Yourself® family, not only am I more confident that my finances are being well managed, but that I have a voice in the matter. I look forward to where Bank On Yourself® will take me throughout these upcoming years."