About Us

Why Bank On Yourself? The Story Behind the Revolution

Driven by frustration with conventional financial planning and investment methods, Pamela Yellen founded Bank On Yourself® in 2002. Disappointed with the lacklustre results she experienced while managing her investment program, Pamela and her husband, Larry, entrusted their retirement account to three of the nation's top investment and planning firms over a decade. Shockingly, despite charging hefty fees, all three firms failed to deliver positive outcomes even during the longest-running bull market in history.

This experience prompted Pamela to conduct an extensive investigation of exploring over 450 financial products and strategies. During this investigative journey, she stumbled upon the game-changing concept known as Bank On Yourself®, introduced to her by a trusted client who happened to be a financial advisor. Intrigued yet skeptical, Pamela immersed herself in months of research before implementing the concept in her own life.

Unveiling the Power of Proper Policy Structure

Even though the advisor who initially set up Pamela and Larry's policies claimed expertise in their structure, they soon discovered they had been structured and set up incorrectly. Incorrectly structured policies can impede growth, result in lost tax advantages, or both. Pamela also received numerous complaints from friends and family members whose policies suffered from similar oversights. It became evident that many advisors were unaware of the full potential of the Bank On Yourself® concept.

A Ground-breaking Partnership that Changed the Game

In her pursuit of knowledge, Pamela crossed paths with Tim Austin, President of the National Association of College Funding Advisors, now known as Strategic Education Technologies (SET). Tim was already well-versed in the Bank On Yourself® concept and had extensive experience providing advisor training and back-office support. Recognizing the incredible potential for collaboration, Pamela and Tim joined forces to establish a division entirely dedicated to Bank On Yourself®—the American-based Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor training program, now known as SET-Bank On Yourself (SET-BOY). In 2014, SET-BOY made an agreement to bring the BOY concept to Canadians, marking a pivotal moment in Canadian financial services.

The Canadian Journey: Spreading the BOY Revolution

Over a decade ago, Bank On Yourself® was relatively unknown within Canada's financial services industry, let alone among the general public. However, Michele Devlin (CEO) and Stephen Devlin (President) of SET Financial Solutions Inc. (SET FSI) embarked on a mission to change that. In 2014, they partnered with Pamela Yellen and Tim Austin to introduce the American-based Bank On Yourself Professional Training Program to Canada. SET FSI holds exclusive Canadian rights to Bank On Yourself® concept and the Bank On Yourself® Professional Training Program.

Personal Transformations: Real Stories of Success

Stephen and Michele Devlin's journey with Bank On Yourself® began in 2008, when a business venture left them on the brink of bankruptcy, abandoned by traditional banks. In their darkest hour, an American friend introduced them to the debt-elimination concept known as BOY, recommending Pamela's first Bank On Yourself® book. Captivated by the possibilities, Stephen and Michele dived into the book, and it transformed their lives.